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Everyone loves the classic look of a luxurious hardwood floor, but many people feel like the cost of installing a new floor is too high. O'Brien Floor Installation is here to tell you that if you own a home in Eugene, Springfield Lane County areas, that is not necessarily true. We offer a wide variety of hardwood floors for nearly any budget. There is no good reason to avoid installing hardwood floors, because they have a wide variety of both practical and aesthetic benefits.

Eugene, Springfield  Hardwood Flooring Installation
Eugene, Springfield  Laminate Flooring Installation


Are you considering installing new flooring in your home or business, but are unsure about which type of flooring would be best for you? Do you want flooring that will stand up to daily wear and tear without breaking the bank? Perhaps you should consider laminate flooring. O'Brien Floor Installation has been installing laminate flooring in homes and businesses all across Lane County for many years, and we have found that it is a substance that has many advantages over other types of floors.


Cork is an increasingly trendy material for flooring in Eugene, Springfield & Lane County area homes. If you are seeking a soft, cushiony, warm flooring that is easier to clean than carpet, cork may be the best choice for you. Cork flooring is a natural, renewable resource. It is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees. The bark of these trees can be removed without harming the tree, and it grows back within nine years, when it can be harvested again. With the decline in global use of cork, purchasing cork flooring also helps preserve cork forests which have been in decline since plastic corks in wine bottles started becoming more common. With your purchase, you are helping to ensure the continued biodiversity of Mediterranean cork forests. Another earth friendly floor installation that O’Brien Floors specializes in.

Eugene, Springfield  Cork Flooring Installation
Eugene, Springfield  Bamboo Flooring Installation


Bamboo is a reliable flooring product, but only if it's well made by an experienced manufacturer who uses quality stalks, adhesives and milling equipment. Careful oversight throughout the process ensures optimum performance. Quality Adhesives, a formaldehyde-free adhesive, all of the strips should be cut perfectly and laminated tightly together, ensuring minimum opportunity for movement and delamination. Bamboo flooring should adhere to specific precise milling tolerances for a quality flooring product.

Eugene, Springfield  Cork Flooring Installation
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